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Friday 10/25

Bassnectar is seriously making my face shake. Funny and fun?

fromCarol, at Mountain Oasis

Bassnecter was true to form, producing the deepest, bone-rattling bassiest bass sounds I’ve ever heard.

fromJake, at Mountain Oasis


Friday 10/25

Deltron 3030 has a DJ, band, horn and strings section, and a backup choir. #MtnOasis

fromLogan, at Mountain Oasis

On the rail again! Deltron is killing it. Can't wait for mista nectaaaa #mtnoasis

fromAuburn, at Mountain Oasis


Saturday 10/26

Nine Inch Nails were fucking phenomenal!

fromDiem, at Mountain Oasis

Last night @nineinchnails gave an unforgettable performance at @Mtn_Oasis. I'm thankful I was there.

fromRich, at Mountain Oasis

There just aren't words for Nine Inch Nails live. Nope.

fromCaitlin, at Mountain Oasis


Saturday 10/26

Gary Numan blew my mind at #mtnoasis - I Am Dust – Gary Numan

fromSarah, at Mountain Oasis

After a brief 80s interlude, Gary Numan's back to sounding like an industrial vampire.

fromJake, at Mountain Oasis


Sunday 10/27

@PrettyLights thank you for feeding my soul the "feel good" it needed @Mtn_Oasis was a BLAST

fromJanaya, at Mountain Oasis

Felt like I saw the future of #edm music at @Mtn_Oasis. @PrettyLights and his full band was ill.

fromCameron, at Mountain Oasis


Sunday 10/27

Cut Copy is bringing down the house at #MtnOasis

fromLogan, at Mountain Oasis

Instead of Kickboxing, I wonder if Cut Copy might let me get my aggression out by being their new percussionist. He's like Animal.

fromMackensy, at Mountain Oasis

The Fans

What an amazing event! Thank you to everyone for making it perfect! Thanks to all the bands that performed for us and provided one of the most incredible weekends of my life!!!

fromBryan, at Mountain Oasis

Had an amazing time, I'll never ever forget this weekend. It was so awesome meeting so many great people.

fromMoss, at Mountain Oasis

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